Many motorists resort to buying a used car in order to save money and avoid a big loss in the event of reselling it again, but some of these cars have been exposed to previous accidents, including the ones that had a collision on the front side, which results in many problems and defects even in Damage repaired.

Therefore, it is preferable not to buy a car that has had a frontal accident, and we review here today a number of problems that can appear on these cars.

1- The emergence of multiple engine failures, such as cracks in the engine seats or oil leakage from some parts of the engine, and the gear seats are also damaged.
2- The entire air conditioning system is exposed to many problems and defects that appear successively.
3- The chassis of the car, the air suspension systems and the assistants are damaged, and even in the event of repair, it does not return to its efficiency and its basic condition before the accident.
4- The cooling system in the car after the accident is exposed to countless problems from leakage of coolant in the radiator, and problems appear in the fan and cooling pipes.