The brakes have many signs and hints to clarify their poor condition and prompt you to maintain them as soon as possible. Sometimes the sign is an unfamiliar sound or poor pedal response. Another common sign that some people do not notice is its relationship to the brakes is the car’s inclination to one side or the other.

Normally when you apply the brakes, the car stops quickly in a straight line, but in a few cases the car veers to the side when braking, which may indicate a big problem with the brakes, because it means that the braking force in the front wheels is uneven.

When the braking force of each front wheel is equal, the car stops in a straight line, but if the brakes are weak on one side or stop working, it will cause the car to tilt when braking to one side, which can lead to serious accidents.

What is the reason? Sometimes the brake linings fail to function properly if their quality is poor, and their weakness continues gradually until part of the friction material is completely separated, which makes the lining smaller and less performing when the pedal is depressed, and thus leads to the car deviating to one side.

In general, problems with the brake calipers may cause the car to deviate as well, if they are not cleaned and maintained well, which may lead to a reduction in the braking force on one wheel compared to another.

In the end, remember to take the matter seriously, and the braking system is one of the most important if not the most important car systems for safety and avoiding accidents.