The loss of vehicle balance while driving on the roads is one of the most common malfunctions that drivers face and affects the safety of driving, as the car deviates to the right or left when lifting hands from the steering wheel.

This imbalance in the car, which leads to the deflection of the wheels is due to several reasons that we will review in the following lines.

Suspension system
When driving on unpaved roads for a long time, wrongly crossing a bumpy road, or frequently loading the vehicle with heavy weights, part of the vehicle’s air suspension parts, such as shears, may become damaged and cause the vehicle to become unbalanced.

In the event that tires are not suitable for the car, whether they are large or small, or the tires are worn out, or the tire eggs are in them as a result of colliding with violent solid objects, or neglecting to adjust the air pressure in them periodically, the car loses its balance while driving.

The car has been in an accident
If the car has an accident, its effects extend to many parts of the suspension system, in addition to the chassis being subjected to warping, which causes the car to lose balance.

Adjust wheel balance and angles
The lack of balance and wheel angles is one of the most common causes of car deviation, so the wheel angles must be adjusted with special devices and according to the sizes of the company designed for the car.

brake problem
The brake system is one of the most important systems that maintain the safety and balance of the car, so if any part of the brake system is damaged it may cause the car to swerve.