The German Quality Supervision Authority recommended that the rubber part of the car’s windshield wipers be replaced every year, in addition to the need to check the windshield wipers every six months, especially in the spring and autumn seasons.

The German authority indicated that the rubber part of the windshield wipers could be damaged due to the various weather factors to which it is exposed, such as direct sunlight, rain, heat and snow, as well as dirt, which reduces its functional efficiency.
The reason for this is that the rubber part usually consists of a mixture of synthetic and natural rubber, which causes it to harden over time due to ultraviolet rays and cold, and insect droppings on glass

The car may damage the rubber part, and it may not work properly.

For reasons of safety and security, it is necessary to replace the windshield wipers with new ones, and the lack of clarity of vision is not necessarily an indication for replacing the windshield wipers. In many cases, it is sufficient to clean the windshield wipers thoroughly with a cloth dampened with a cleaning liquid, or by using a towel containing an undiluted substance to protect against frost.
Experts advised to avoid the use of harsh solvents that may cause more damage to the rubber layer of the windshield wipers.