Over time, cars are exposed to some malfunctions and annoying problems, one of these malfunctions is the appearance of the battery warning lamp in the dashboard when the car is running. .

There are many reasons that lead to the illumination of the battery sign in the instrument panel, the most prominent of which is the presence of a problem or defect in the charging circuit, or that the battery does not receive charging due to damage to its internal parts, or a problem with the “dynamo” charging regulator, so in the following lines we will review the correct behavior that To be followed when the battery warning light on the dashboard is illuminated.

1- Concentration and lack of confusion
Fear and confusion should not control you, and make sure that lighting the battery warning lamp is not a dangerous sign such as the appearance of an oil or engine mark, and that the treatment of this problem is often simple.

2- Check the counters
Some cars are located in the dashboard with a measurement to read the state of the car’s charging, which is called (voltmeter), and its normal operating rate is between 12 to 14 volts, if the measurement is around the normal rate, then the problem is not due to charging.

3- Reducing the car’s electricity consumption
In such cases, the energy used at that time must be reduced by turning off unnecessary things, such as cassettes, radios, electric windows, display screens, interior lights, and air conditioning, until the problem is resolved.

4- Do not turn off the engine
Keep the engine running, as you may not be able to restart it if you switch off the car if the generator is faulty, until you go to an auto electrician to check the problem.

5- Go to the auto electrical maintenance technician
Head the car to the car electrician to check the alternator. If the alternator is operating normally, have him check the battery. The battery light may be an indication that it is damaged, or there is a problem with the cables, or you need to clean.

6- Check the generator belt
Check the alternator belt if it is loose, and tighten it, or buy a new belt, if it is cracked.

7- Restart the car after 5 minutes
Restart the car after five minutes. This time will help initialize the computer system. The battery light may go out after completing this step, but if it lights up again, the problem may be with the car computer system and its malfunction.