Drivers sometimes face some annoying and dangerous situations while driving on the roads, one of these dangerous situations is the vehicle being turned off and the ability to brake or steer effectively while driving.

Many drivers have suffered from this problem, especially in old cars, and what exacerbates the problem is that drivers do not know how to behave properly, which puts them at risk, especially if this happens on the highways.

So, in the following lines, we will explain to you the steps for the correct behavior if the car stops operating while driving.

1- At first you should not panic and keep calm, then turn on the danger lights to alert other cars that you have a problem.

2- Quickly try to find a spot on the side of the road that allows you to park your car and stop there without being in danger.

3- You will notice that it is very difficult to steer the car to the place you want to stop, because the electric steering assistant stops working, so you must use the full strength of your hands to steer the car.

4- You will also find that the brakes have hardened and almost lost their ability to stop the car, so press them with full force until the car comes to a complete stop.