We always hear from some friends and family that regular maintenance of the car is necessary, but we may not care about this matter for several reasons, perhaps the most prominent of which is our lack of knowledge of the repairs that we must carry out.

Regular maintenance in the car is one of the important things that you must do, especially if you want to maintain your safety and if you want to extend the life of the car. The maintenance process consists in changing oils and fluids on time or even before this time, so as not to incur huge sums of money. For example, if you do not take care of the maintenance of your car’s gearbox, you will be forced, at a later period, to carry out the packing process.

As for the maintenance schedule, all you have to do is open the maintenance booklet attached to the vehicle, or visit the dealer and ask him for all the information related to this process. You should also know that the numbers in the aforementioned booklet are related to normal use and not to heavy use.

What is the correct timing for maintenance?

First, the time: that is, when did you change the oil last time, for example (it is necessary that the age of the car oil in the machine does not exceed six months).

Mileage: For example, the car’s oil must be changed after 5,000 km.

The period of time during which the car has not been moved (every stopping hour is equivalent to 20 km).
Before embarking on any travel trip, especially in the summer season, it is necessary to carry out maintenance such as checking brakes, tires, oils, aids, and filters.