Over time, cars sometimes experience some malfunctions and annoying problems. One of these common problems is the appearance of the engine warning lamp (Check Engine) in the car’s dashboard, which causes concern among drivers. What are the reasons for the appearance of the engine warning sign?

Car experts answered that the engine warning lamp lights up like other warning signs to indicate the presence of a malfunction, and there are many reasons for this problem, as follows:

catalytic converter
The Catalytic Converter reduces exhaust gases by converting carbon monoxide and other harmful substances into harmless compounds, and if damaged, the engine light will turn on.

Mass air flow sensor (MAF)
The MAF sensor monitors the rate of air being pumped through the fuel injection, and whether your car is using the right amount of fuel for combustion.

Gasoline tank cover
Failure to tighten the gas tank cap leads to the leakage of gasoline fumes, which may cause fuel system malfunctions, increased emissions and fuel consumption.