Drivers face the problem of blind spots when driving on the roads, and the problem appears when the driver wants to change the lane he is walking on or wants to turn right or left, in that case when he looks in the mirrors, he finds there are spaces next to the car and behind it that he cannot see. These hidden spaces are called “Blind Spots”.

These blind spots cannot be seen by the driver through the three car mirrors “front – right – left”, so he is forced to try to tilt his head back a little, and look behind his shoulder so that he can see the car coming from behind and the three mirrors do not show it.

Some drivers rely on mirrors only to look at the road and this is wrong, as this causes many road accidents, and according to a study conducted by Zurich Insurance, changing lanes while driving is the first cause of accidents, while 47% of accidents occurred due to what is known as “points.” blindness”.

And that hundreds of thousands of accidents happen when drivers change lanes, and that 60% of drivers who caused those accidents say they did not see the other vehicle, so while navigating between lanes, look in the three mirrors, and also look back over the shoulder to detect blind spots.

Some companies have also created a new system called the blind spot monitoring system, using a radar placed on the side mirror, and it alerts the driver when a car passes by that he cannot see, as well as a rear camera can be used, as in some modern cars so that you can see the rear distance accurately, and you can Also use additional mirrors either on the sides or from the front and back.