We offer you a number of tips to maintain the car during the downtime, as follows:

Battery damage
If the car is not used for long periods, the battery loses its power and exposes it to damage. To preserve it, experts advise in such cases to run the car for several minutes day after day, or to disconnect the negative pole, or connect the battery to an external power source.

engine oil
Engine oil is one of the most important factors that keeps the car engine from being damaged, but not running the car for long periods of time may lose the oil’s properties and viscosity, so it is also preferable to run the car at intervals, and replace the oil in the event of its obsolescence.

tire pressure
If the car does not move for a long time, the tires lose the air pressure inside them, which may lead to damage because the empty tires bear the entire weight of the car, so the tires must be checked periodically and supplied with air in case it decreases.

Remove personal belongings
Usually drivers use the car trunk as a storage, where they put many unnecessary things, in addition to leaving dozens of personal belongings in the cabin, so it is preferable to remove all personal belongings in the car to avoid damage, and also to reduce the weight of the car to preserve the tires.

Washing and cleaning the car
Stopping the car for a long time helps to accumulate dirt and dust on its surface, which exposes the paint to damage, so it is recommended to clean the car and wash the tires in case they are dirty.

car’s cover
In the event that the car is not parked in a private garage and left in the open in front of the house, it is preferable to use a good cover so as not to be exposed to harmful weather factors such as dust, sunlight and others.