Your car needs constant attention and focus from you; This is because the simplest things that you may neglect to follow about the car, may then turn into a headache in your head after it worsens, your car’s engine oil is one of the most important of those things.
You should always pay attention to the level and smell of the engine oil, and this may be easily detected if you smell a strange, unusual smell, then you must stop quickly and try to make sure that there is a leak of engine oil or not; Burned oil can be a serious danger to the car.

What to do if an engine oil leak occurs?
The first thing to do if you suspect a burnt oil leak is to stop your car for a while and check the engine oil under the front hood of the car; To check its level, as well as looking under the car to check whether there is oil leaking to the ground or not.
A visit to your technician or authorized service center is necessary if you are concerned and not sure if there is a problem or not; This could save you from getting into a bigger problem like total engine damage or serious damage to the engine.

How to distinguish the smell of burnt oil:
You should also differentiate between the smell of burnt oil and the smell of burnt paper sometimes due to a malfunction of the manual transmission, which you will notice while changing the transmission movements; What will happen only if your car has a manual transmission, but if you own a car with an automatic transmission, then it becomes certain that the cause of the smell you smell is burning oil caused by a leak in the engine.