Many motorists leave many things inside the car so that they can reach them whenever they need them, and some motorists consider their cars as their second home, so they leave and store many things inside, but some things left by drivers may represent a danger Severe due to the ease of its explosion in such extremely hot climates.

Therefore, I advised many safety-related authorities, not to leave anything inside the car that exposes it to danger, especially with the intense heat in the summer, and today we will review the most important things that are subject to ignition or explosion in the car to keep it away.

1- Gas cylinders:
Some motorists who have a hobby camping in the desert always keep in their car the tools they use on trips, including small and medium gas cylinders, or quantities of kerosene or other materials that help light a fire, which is one of the most dangerous things for the car, so it must be kept away From the car, take it when needed.

2- Lighters:
Although there is a small amount of gas in cigarette lighters, with the high heat it is enough to cause the start of a large fire in the car.

3- Car fresheners:
Often there is no car without freshener, but these fresheners are explosive things, especially in the summer, if they are placed on the car dashboard next to the glass, causing it to be exposed to a high concentration of heat.

4- Plastic water bottles:
Leaving it in the car in intense sunlight may cause it to act as a lens that focuses the light into a high-power beam, enough to cause a fire.

5- Perfumes and deodorants:
Some perfumes and deodorants contain some flammable substances, and exposing them to extreme heat may cause them to explode.

6- Mobile chargers and mobile batteries:
Exposing it to extreme heat in the summer may lead to a defect in it, and then it explodes or catches fire.

7- Soft drinks:
High temperatures may cause soft drinks to expand inside airtight containers, causing them to explode and shatter car windows.

8- Glasses:
The glasses should not be left because the lenses inside them collect sunlight in a small point, which may lead to a fire inside the car.

9- Compressed packs:
Such as air fresheners, insecticide packages, car polish, rust removers, and others are dangerous because they contain flammable chemicals.