Often times, the car is not just a means of transportation, but turns into a large part of our lives that cannot be dispensed with, so we leave in it a lot of important or unimportant things, which we may need at later times, or we may forget them due to our constant presence in our cars. However, some things may cause unexpected dangers if we leave them, and next we show you the most important things that should not be left or forgotten in cars, according to what was published by the Strife Me website.

plastic bottles

According to several specialized studies, plastic bottles, especially for water, contain many harmful chemicals, which can seep into water at high temperatures, which increases the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Medicines and treatments

Medicines are one of the most important things that we should not leave in our cars for long periods of time, because it is required to store them at relatively cool temperatures, or at room temperature. This condition cannot be met by a car for medicines, so its presence in our cars can render them unusable, and often they will turn into substances that are very harmful to our health.

Electronic devices, handbags or purses

Leaving all kinds of electronic devices inside our cars makes cars an easy prey for thieves who will be tempted to steal these devices, and they will do anything to steal them such as breaking glass or taking off doors. With the development of modern technology, information and data about it can be stolen, in addition to the fact that it may explode or burn due to heat and cause a real disaster. The same will happen if we forget the handbag or wallet inside the car, as our vehicle will become a target for thieves, who will try to break the glass and steal the car or its contents.

Sunscreens and some creams

Sunscreens in particular, and many types of skin creams in general, are sometimes considered a time bomb in cars, as high heat may cause them to explode, and at the least damage they will expire and become useless, and sometimes harmful to health.

the glasses

All cars have a place for storing driving glasses or sunglasses, so it is preferable to use it to put the glasses in it because the direct heat of the sun may melt the plastic frames, or make them too hot to wear in the case of metal.

Important Documents

In the event that you have important documents of any kind, it is preferable not to leave them in the car for a long time, as the car is always vulnerable to theft and in case of penetration, these documents can be lost at any time.

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