Some people resort to used car markets as an economic alternative to get the right model for their capabilities, especially in light of the increasing prices of new cars. However, some people are exposed to a trick or another during the purchase process after obtaining a car that has been in an accident or has been rebuilt again, which puts their lives at risk. .
 Auto experts presented signs indicating that the used car had been in a previous accident, and they were as follows:
 1- The appearance of spotty or non-conforming paint or the presence of excess paint at the edges, rubber seals, or around the car openings indicates the presence of repaired damage.
 2- The presence of skewed bumpers confirms the repair of the car or the use of non-original parts from the equipment manufacturer
 3- Corrosion of the pedals or the presence of damage to the wheels and tires.
 4- The appearance of an exaggerated smell of freshener in the air, confirming the seller's attempt to cover up a mold that had infected the car due to water leaking inside it.
 5- The ideal coverage of the undercarriage of the car, especially the area of ​​​​the wheels and the engine, confirms that the car has been in an accident.
 6- Failure to close the doors, engine cover or trunk properly confirms the existence of a defect resulting from exposure to twisting due to side impacts.
 7- The airbag in the dashboard does not light up confirming its replacement after an accident.
 8- Uneven welding around the hood, doors or trunk area.
 9 - The presence of cracks and minor cracks in the windshield.
 10- The appearance of strange sounds while driving the car confirms the presence of abnormal wear on the bases of the wheels and axles.