The battery is one of the most important parts of the car, as it is the main factor on which the engine relies to carry out many vital operations in the car, by supplying it with the electric current needed to start the process of running the car, and it also operates all the electrical parts and lighting inside the car.
Over time, batteries are exposed to weakness and damage as a result of their expiration date or some erroneous behaviors and practices committed by motorists, in addition to neglecting their regular maintenance, and during the following lines we review the most prominent signs that indicate a weak battery.

Difficulty starting the engine in the early morning or when the car has been stopped for a long time.
Illumination of the battery warning lamp in the car dashboard.
Note that the battery fluid level is low if the battery is liquid.
The battery sometimes bulges noticeably from the sides.
Accumulation of salts and chemicals on the positive and negative operating poles at the top of the battery.
Note the poor lighting inside and outside the car.
Weak car torque, especially when climbing hills.