Car headlights are one of the important parts of the car, as they are one of the safety and security factors for the car, because they are the part responsible for lighting the road for the driver while driving at night.
And motorists sometimes notice that the lighting of the headlights is weak and malfunctions, which impedes the driver’s night vision while driving on the road, which puts him at risk.

So, today we are going to show you the main reasons that lead to poor car lighting, which are as follows:
– Weak battery, as it is an essential element for the car’s operation and engine operation, but if the battery malfunctions, is poorly charged, or its life is approaching to the end, it affects the strength of the lights’ illumination.
– In the event of a problem with the dynamo, as it is the part responsible for generating power in the car.
Damage to electrical fuses, or so-called “fuses”, as they protect the electrical parts of the car from damage, and work to maintain the work of the electrical system in the car.
– Exposing the car’s floors to rust or to a substance that may isolate the flow of current.
– The presence of a cut in the wire connections or other connections between the electrodes of the battery.