Washing the car is an important thing to do regularly, especially during the winter season, to avoid damages, as rain and winds laden with dust, moisture and dirt pose a danger to the car body.
All these different and volatile weather factors work to accumulate water and salts on the car body, which leads to the appearance of rust that causes corrosion of the car’s metal body, so the car must be given special care in the winter.
Car experts explained that salts and dirt often lead to corrosion and rust on the car’s exterior, especially if it is mixed with water from rain or scattered on the road, whose effects are clearly visible on the bottom and sides of the car.
Experts recommended the need to continue washing the car on a regular basis, depending on the times the car is out and exposed to such dirt, and in general, it is recommended to wash the car weekly when driving frequently.
The car washing program is supposed to include all parts of the car, especially the lower part, taking care to dry the car body well from any traces of water between the parts of the car with a cloth.