Although the car computer alerts the new models that the fuel tank is running out, some drivers ignore this alert for a while, so are the car parts affected by this?

This question was answered by Torsten Hess, the car expert at the German Technical Inspection Authority, and he said that waiting until the car comes to a stop due to running out of fuel causes a number of problems for the car. The expert emphasized that these problems vary according to the make and model of the car.

Torsten Hess explained that when old cars run out of fuel while driving, this causes damage to parts of the fuel cycle, as injection pumps or the petrol pump malfunctions.

As for old diesel cars equipped with a mechanical injection system in the engine compartment, this problem needs a great effort to be fixed, by performing a laborious process of manually draining the air from the fuel cycle.

The German expert added that the problem of running out of fuel in modern cars is rare, which was confirmed by the manufacturers of modern cars, due to the safety means that companies take towards their new cars.

But despite the presence of advanced fuel filters in modern cars, their engines may absorb particles of dirt and impurities, which are deposited in the fuel when walking until the tank is completely empty, which may cause a lack of clean combustion of the fuel.