Shock absorbers are one of the most important parts of the suspension in cars, and it is one of the most important safety and security factors, and if it is damaged, it causes many problems for the car.
The German Technical Inspection Authority has warned of damage to the shock absorbers in the car, as it is extremely dangerous to the safety of the car and passengers.
The German authority explained that if the shock absorbers are damaged, it causes many problems while driving, including an increase in the braking distance at high speeds, and rapid tire wear and damage.
The authority added that the damage to the dampers leads to a decrease in the car’s grip on the road, and thus reduces both the stability when passing corners, and the preservation of the lane when performing overtaking maneuvers.
Damage to the dampers also negatively affects the functionality of the auxiliary systems such as the ABS and ESP.
The Germans pointed out that among the indicators of damage to the shock absorbers, is the vibration of the steering wheel, uneven tire wear, the feeling that the car is unstable, as well as oil leakage from it, or the response of the front of the car when pressed down by hand.
Experts advised that the absorbers should be checked in specialized technical centers after a distance of 80,000 km, and then this process should be repeated every 20,000 km.