One of the annoying things that motorists face is noticing a nail piercing one of his tires, which may lead to wasting time in addition to dirtying his clothes and making a great effort to change the tire.

But of course, it is not necessary every time a tire stud is pierced, it must be changed yourself at once, and today we will show you how to deal with the tire in the event that it is pierced by a nail or screws.

At first, you should check the tire affected by the screw, and make sure that the air pressure inside it does not drop significantly, by checking it with an air pressure detector, or by pressing the tire with your foot.

But if you find that the tire has not been affected significantly, and has not lost a lot of air, you can ride in the car and head to the nearest tire maintenance center, to have the tire repaired immediately.

The tire should not be repaired immediately, because whenever the screw stays inside the tire, it causes damage to the metal wires in the rubber that makes up the tire, and thus the entire tire is damaged.

The maintenance technician believes that the best way to repair tires is through the use of thermal adhesive, which is placed in the tire from the inside at the puncture site, and the use of a thermal iron to install it. .

Noting that in some cases of nails penetrating the tires, there is no way to repair the tire, and it must be replaced with a new tire, which is in the event that the tire is injured in the “shoulder of the wall” position, as these corners in the tire from the top and sides of the internal or external tires cannot be repaired by the technician .