There are a large number of problems associated with summer, these problems can range from overheating and flat tires, and from broken car air conditioners to how quickly the battery runs out.It is not uncommon to experience these events and it can be very frustrating when these problems occur. Understanding causes such as These problems and ways to protect the car in the summer.

Tire pressure
You must ensure the stability of the tire pressure of the car, and it must be reviewed before traveling, and the rule says that every 10 ° F change in air temperature, rise or fall, causes a change in tire pressure by 1 PSI, and the importance of controlling tire air in addition to avoiding accidents, raising Efficient traction and brakes.
And to find out the ideal air pressure for your car in all environmental conditions, you can review the car’s instruction booklet.

Engine oil and its viscosity degree
Engine oil change is a routine that car owners follow, according to the number of kilometers the car travels.
But in the summer season, care must be taken when choosing the type of oil, as the high temperature increases the fluidity of the oil, which may expose the engine parts to a lack of necessary lubrication, and therefore choosing a motor oil with a higher density and viscosity will be in the interest of the car throughout the summer.
It is also possible to identify the type of oil suitable for your car engine by reviewing the instruction manual, and car experts recommend these degrees of oil viscosity (5W30, 10W30 or 10W-40) during the summer.

the battery
Hot weather puts additional pressure on the battery voltage, and it is good that this part of the car gives you a signal before it completely stops working, and the most prominent signs that the battery is no longer operating at full efficiency are dimmed when operating and moving slowly and the need to rotate the “marsh” more than Once before the engine started.
And if you are planning a long trip, changing the old battery with a new one, no matter how high the price, will be a very cheap price that can be borne to avoid standing in an open road that cannot be helped easily.
And to find out the battery’s capacity, you can visit the nearest battery maintenance branch to check it and identify the damaged parts of it. It is also known that a battery that is more than three years old is on its way to the end.

Belts and hoses
Belts or “belts” and hoses are components that the car stops working as soon as it breaks. They link the engine parts to each other and mean the continuous movement of the gears.
Therefore, all belts and hoses must be inspected to change the worn out ones before moving the car, and if you do not remember the last time you replaced the belts, it is best to change them in order to avoid crashes on the road.

Although there is little chance of rain in the countries of the Middle East during these times of the year, making sure of the efficiency of car wipers and the availability of wiping fluid is necessary.
“Murphy’s Law,” which demands that nothing be left to chance.
To find out how efficient the wiper blades are, they can be turned on. If you leave some circular lines on the windshield, this means that they have become drier and have to be changed, and the blades usually have a life span of one year.

Engine coolant
Before you move one step towards the open roads, you must make sure of the efficiency of the engine cooling system, so as not to expose the car and yourself to the risk of burning.
In hot climates, the car needs to operate the cooling system at full capacity because the heat is formed internally due to movement and fuel combustion, and externally due to high temperature.
Automotive experts say that modern engines are hotter to run, so the coolant should always be checked in the summer.

air conditioner
The car air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in the summer, and it is not a luxury today in light of the great rise in global temperatures year after year.
To make sure that the air conditioner is working properly and that it does not need maintenance or Freon charging, you can go to a car service center.
And to get rid of the musty smell caused by moisture inside the air conditioner, fans can only be turned on for a few minutes before starting with the four windows open to expel any unwanted odors.

Often simple things leave huge things behind. Car filters, whether for oil, air or fuel, may lead to complete damage to the car when neglecting to change them.
Therefore, when preparing for a summer vacation, it is necessary to review the effectiveness of the filters and replace the damaged ones, and this can be done simply and conveniently within the car maintenance centers.

Emergency bag
One of the most important things that must be taken inside the car is the emergency bag, and some people may think that (the emergency bag) is limited to the first aid bag.
But the concept of “emergency bag” is broader and more general, as it includes screwdrivers, pliers, traction ropes, current transmission cables, car washes, engine oils, brakes, flashlights, flares, road triangles, and a reflective shirt.
And everyone can add to that bag the things that he deems important and can be used in emergency situations.