To reduce the speed of the car or to stop it, motorists rely on the brakes to do so, but this situation differs during the descent from the highest mountain slopes, where the descent takes a lot of time, which calls for motorists to release the transmission to a neutral position, and to continue to repeatedly press the Brake pedal until it descends.

But this is wrong and not good for the car, as repeated pressure on the brakes leads to an increase in the temperature of the components of the entire brake system, which negatively affects the performance of the brakes, and brings many damages, including the erosion of the brake calipers and the erosion of the brake disc “drum”.

Therefore, the best solution is to rely on the car’s engine, by setting the transmission at the appropriate speed that corresponds to the speed of the car as it descends from the slope, even if the transmission is placed at the highest speed, whether it is manual or automatic.

For example, if the incline speed fits into 4th gear in the car, we change to 3rd gear, and if we want to slow down more we change the transmission to 2nd gear, in which case the car does not need to use much force to stop it.

This method will reduce the reliance on the brakes to reduce the speed of the car, due to the engine’s control over the entire tire, which makes the car’s rush while descending from the slopes controlled by the engine.