One of the annoying situations that drivers may face is a puncture or damage to the car tire while driving with no tire repair shop nearby, which requires the driver to change this tire himself.

And because some novice drivers are not familiar with the correct way to change a car tire, we offer you the steps to replace the tire in a correct way, and without risk, you just have to follow the following steps.

– Park the car in a safe place, in order to use the crane without risking the movement of cars on the road, while making sure that the floor is solid to support the stability of the crane.

– Securing the car park well, as the engine must be closed before using the crane, and the hand brake must be tightened, and all car doors are closed.

Before lifting the car, all wheel bolts must be loosened by half a turn, after which the car jack can be used.

Connecting the lift handle to the crane correctly, and the method of documenting the lift handles varies according to the type and model of the crane itself, and to ensure that it is also recommended to refer to the vehicle’s manual.

To raise the car up, turn the lift handle counterclockwise quietly until the tires rise off the ground with an appropriate space to replace the damaged tire, then complete the removal of the wheel bolts.

After the tire change is completed, tighten the bolts, but not tightly, opposite to each other, then lower the tire to the ground, and then complete the tightening of the bolts.

In the end, the tire air must be adjusted to the correct values, in addition to re-tightening the wheel bolts after traveling 50 to 100 km and checking the tire air pressure again.