When a car stops, and fails to make it return to rotation and gear, some resort to operating its battery through the help of an external battery in another car, but what is the most appropriate way for that?

According to the German news agency, the experts of the German Technical Inspection Authority warned that connecting the cables incorrectly while helping to start the rotation may pose a great danger to the electronics and other car devices.

The German authority explained that modern models have become dependent on sensors, control units and many auxiliary systems, which are highly sensitive to incorrect treatment, and that generating a spark when connecting or disconnecting cables may result, for example, to a loss of data.

The experts added, that the most important thing is to follow the correct order of the cable connection and the placement of the terminal clamps, which differ from one car to another.

In any case, it is forbidden to connect the negative black clip to the negative pole of the empty battery, so as not to damage the battery by igniting the gas and escaping the acid.

The correct way is to connect the red cable to the positive pole of the donor battery first, and then to the positive pole of the empty battery. Then the black cable is connected to the negative pole of the donor battery, and then connected to the engine block of the broken car. It is also taken into account that there are no cables with moving components such as belts.

Experts pointed out that the next step is to start the engine, and the connection must be maintained for a few minutes after the engine is successfully spinning again.

Before disconnecting the clamps, it is preferable to turn on the light and heat the rear windows to avoid excessive voltage, which damages the electronic components.