Many motorists resort to car wash stations to clean the car, and remove traces of rain, humidity and unpleasant odors, but some motorists prefer to clean their cars and take care of them themselves, so today we offer you some home recipes to remove the effects of the winter season from moisture, mold odors and jealousy.

Mold odor removal:
There are several ways to get rid of unpleasant odors in the car, especially the smell of mold, including the use of coffee beans or powder, and lemon oil. Spread its scent throughout the entire interior.

Wiper cleaning:
The rubber blade of the glass wiper is affected in the winter by frequent use, and to remove the effects of damage to it, a microfiber cloth with alcohol is used to wipe and clean the blade, and in the event that the wiper does not perform its function well, then it must be changed.

Humidity can be removed from the car in several ways, including placing newspapers on the floor of the car and under the feet, with the doors open for a long time, and taking care to dry the car completely.

Cleaning the bulbs:
One of the simple household tools for cleaning lamps is to use toothpaste that contains bleaching materials for the teeth, and the paste can also remove some minor scratches from the glass of lamps as well.