Sometimes the car battery may malfunction for many reasons, including the need to change the battery due to its damage or the end of its life, or when it is recharged, and here the question always arises among motorists, which is whether changing the battery leads to the car’s computer losing its programming, and will this lead to Is there a malfunction in the car?

Experts answered this question and said, that disconnecting the battery from the car for any reason does not affect the main computer, nor will it affect the basic vital systems in the car.

There is also another prevalent belief among another category of drivers that if you want to change the battery and replace it with a new one, the engine must be left running to maintain the computer programming, and this is a false belief as well. Rather, the engine must be closed when changing the battery, and this will not affect the programming of the computer. PC.

The experts explained that the computer did not lose its basic programming to the presence of two memories for it. The first includes programming the entire car, such as the work of the sensors, the timing of the transmission, the timing of the transmission, and the expulsion of gases from the exhaust, etc., and it can never be erased except by professional people.

The second memory of the computer is instantaneous and can be erased because it is not as important as the first memory because it includes air temperature, time, and radio, for example.