One of the annoying problems that some drivers face while driving is the high temperature of the car engine, especially when congestion or when stopping the car and leaving the engine on, but with moving and increasing speed, the engine temperature drops.

If this problem is neglected, it may aggravate and cause severe damage to the car’s engine, so we will briefly explain to you the most important factors or reasons that may lead to such a malfunction, which are as follows.

First: Low battery:
In the event the battery is weak, it cannot operate the electrical parts in the car as required, including the radiator fan, so when the car stops in operating mode, the force of air exit from the fan is little and it is not able to cool the engine, but when the car moves quickly, the outside air rushes The engine helps cool it.

Second: A problem with running the second speed of the fan:
The fan operates on two speeds, the first traditionally works when the temperature is high, while the second speed works when the temperature rises more, so if the fan’s fuse or one of the electrical wires and connections is damaged, the second speed does not work and leads to an increase in temperature.

Third: The fan is damaged or has expired
The fan, like any part of the car, may be weak or damaged due to the end of its life span, which leads to less rotation and not working enough to cool the engine.

Fourth: The radiator needs to be cleaned:
Sometimes the radiator becomes clogged due to the accumulation of dirt or the use of regular water in the cooling process, which leads to poor performance of its function in cooling the engine.

Fifthly: the radiator cover:
If the radiator cap or gasket is damaged, it causes coolant to leak from the radiator, and the car temperature will rise.