You can avoid a lot of problems and big costs by simply lending your car some attention, as the vast majority of car breakdowns happen for two main reasons:

Accumulation of faults: the car always sends you signals indirectly through its different sounds, or directly through the headlights on the dashboard, and if you ignore either of them, the consequences will be greater and greater.

Neglecting the car: using the car as a means to fulfill your requests only, without exchanging it for the same thing and meeting the requests that the car needs, is a major reason for the emergence of many malfunctions.

Top tips for maintaining your car:
Maintain your car battery:
Having a problem with the car battery causes a lot of trouble, because it completely hinders movement and does not even allow the car to be managed, so if your car is not used for long periods, you must go out with the car on a trip to recharge the battery every period, and make sure of the quality of its poles and if you notice that salts and oxides are on it Clean it using hot water.

Turn on the car air conditioner regularly:
The car air conditioner system is exposed to many problems due to its neglect for a long time, and then operating it frequently for a long time, and this does not make sense for any system, so you have to run the air conditioner regularly even in the winter, so that there is no problem with Freon gas or any part of the system, and Running the air conditioner removes moisture from inside the car cabin and prevents mold from forming.

Keep car fluids:
There are a lot of important fluids in the car, and maintaining its level and supplying it or changing it regularly is a must.
The most important fluids in the car:
Engine oil: Responsible for many functions inside the engine, and its deficiency causes major internal problems, not only its decrease, but the length of its work period, as it has a shelf life depending on the distance traveled or the time period, so you must maintain the periodic maintenance schedule for the car .