The process of car care, and its periodic inspection, is a secondary matter for many drivers, despite its extreme importance, as neglecting to maintain the car regularly causes many problems for it.
And in order not to exacerbate problems and malfunctions in the car, today we review here the most prominent parts and oils that must be checked and maintained on a regular basis.

Tires are one of the most important safety and security factors for the car, as if they are damaged or expired, they may lead to a sudden slip of the car, or to explode while driving, so they must be checked continuously to ensure that they are not exposed to corrosion, cracking or damage.

The brakes are one of the most important parts that maintain the safety and safety of the car, and if the brake system malfunctions, it leads to severe consequences, so the brake fluid must be checked continuously and changed every two years, in addition to ensuring the safety of its various parts.

engine oil
Engine oil is one of the most important factors that keep the car engine from getting damaged, so the oil change must be maintained on schedule, and it is on average from 3,000 km to 10,000 km.

freezing liquid
The measurement of coolant in the car radiator must be maintained, and supply it in case it decreases, as it is responsible for cooling the engine, and if it decreases, it exposes the engine to serious problems that may reach the point of combustion of the engine.

Lime oil and filter
The transmission oil is one of the most important factors that protects it from damage, as it works to prevent the gears from friction inside it, and the transmission oil and filter must be changed after 39,000 kilometers or after two years.

Spark plugs are the part responsible for emitting the spark necessary for the internal combustion process in the engine to start the car and its movement, and it is recommended to change it after a distance of 100,000 km.

air filter
The air filter cleans the air that enters the engine from dirt, dust and insects to help in the complete combustion process of the car.