Car drivers are sometimes exposed to some annoying situations while driving on the roads. One of these situations is the lighting of the warning lamp that the car is running out of fuel, which may cause drivers to panic because they are not aware of the distance that the car will travel before it stops, and whether the specified destination or the gas station will be reached before Stop?

Of course, there are some car models, especially German, that show the number of kilometers that the car can travel by looking at the existing fuel, but what about the rest of the car models, and what is the distance you will travel after lighting the fuel lamp before it stops.

Car experts answered that there is no confirmed information for different car models, and that each model has a certain estimate, and this estimate varies according to the quality of the fuel in the tank. command.

In general, experts advised not to wait until the fuel approaching warning lamp lights up, because it may cause many problems for the car, including damage to the gasoline filter and fuel pump, in addition to clogging the injectors.