The engine is one of the most important parts of the car at all, as it contains many mechanical and electrical parts that help the car work efficiently, so it must be maintained regularly to keep it from damage and extend its life.
But over time, this important part may be exposed to problems and malfunctions. One of these common malfunctions is the vibration or concussion of the engine. Given the great importance of the engine in the operation of the car, we present to you today the most common causes of engine vibration, which are as follows:
– If the engine temperature drops in the morning at the start of operation, then the engine vibration occurs as a result of the engine oil not working with high efficiency due to its low viscosity, and this vibration continues until the engine reaches the ideal temperature.
– In the event of damage to the coils or the end of their life, as they are the part responsible for delivering sufficient force and effort to form the necessary spark needed by the spark plug in the internal combustion chamber, to ignite the air-gasoline mixture and then start the engine.