Adjusting tire pressure is one of the most important safety and security measures for the car, as neglecting to adjust tire pressure leads to its rapid damage, and exposes it to the risk of exploding.

The German Technical Inspection Authority warned of low tire pressure, and pointed out its great danger to the car and passengers.

The German authority stressed that low tire pressure poses safety risks while driving, especially at high speeds.

The authority added that a decrease in tire air pressure below the required values ​​by 0.5 bar causes a significant increase in fuel consumption.

But in the event that the pressure value is increased by about 0.2 to 0.3 bar than the specified value, it will most likely not cause damage to the tires, unless the manufacturer warns against this increase, as it may have a negative impact on driving behavior.

He advised the Germans to check tire pressure when they are cold because the manufacturer’s information about the correct air pressure applies to cold tires.

The correct air pressure values ​​for the vehicle’s load condition can be found in the operating manual or labels inside the fuel filler cap, for example.