Tires are one of the most important parts of the car necessary for the process of driving, and they are one of the most important safety and security factors in the car, so they must be checked and maintained periodically.
Experts have advised the need to change the position of the tires (rotate the tires) in the car from time to time, in order to preserve them from damage for as long as possible.

But despite the importance of the tire rotation process, many motorists do not realize the importance of recycling or how to implement it correctly. What is the importance of tire rotation and how to apply it to the car?

In the beginning, we must know that tire rotation is a method approved by workers in the tire industry to change the location of the tires in the car, that is, moving the tire from right to left, front to back, or in several directions, because the distribution of wheel thrust in the car is uneven, So will the weight distribution, therefore, tire wear will also be uneven.

As we mentioned, this leads to the consumption of more tires than the other in the car, which forces you to change the four tires, which costs you a lot of money, while if you rotate your tires, it will extend their life.
Experts have pointed out that the rear wheel drive tires notice that the rear tires wear out faster than the front, and vice versa with the front wheel drive, and we will also find that the front tires in both cases wear out from the outside and on the edges faster because they withstand the cornering force.

In four-wheel drive cars, the rear tires consume more because most of the driving force is directed to them, and the front tires consume from the outside as well because of the cornering force.

Therefore, we recommend that the rotation process be done every 10 to 15 thousand kilometers if the condition of the tires is still new.

The recycling process is carried out in four very simple main ways, which are exactly as the image below shows.