Car owners sometimes face some problems while driving, including scratching the exterior of the car, which causes distortion of the paint, which loses the car’s luster and attractiveness and may affect its sale later.

Car owners are forced to go to the maintenance center to treat these scratches, which causes them to waste a long time to repair these scratches, in addition to paying large amounts of money for repair, so in this article we review the types of scratches and simple ways to remove them.

First, the types of scratches that cars may be exposed to:

Surface scratches
They are the most scratches that the surface of the car can be exposed to, and they are caused by the car’s exposure to very minor friction or dust.

Medium scratches
It is caused by the friction of the car in a way that leads to the penetration of the paint and thus distorting the layers of paint on the car’s structure.

Second, methods of treating surface and medium scratches:

Glue is distinguished by its ability to mix paint colors, so it is a suitable option to cover the places of minor scratches, but it is important to put a small amount of it only in the place of the scratch.