Recently, many modern technologies have spread in cars that work for the convenience of the driver, including “remote control” technology or “remote control key”, a technology that helped open car doors without using traditional keys, but the owner of this technology has many faults and problems. Today, we will review it and how to fix it.

1- The remote control stopped working

The remote stop is often due to the battery being damaged or because it has moved from its position, so open the remote control and look for a small crystal stone, then press it well to hold it in place. If the remote stop continues, change the battery.

2- Metal rust

In some cases, due to moisture, rust forms on the metal ends inside the remote control, so all you have to do is clean the rust well to make the remote work again.

3- Intermittent work

In some cases, you may find the remote working and then stopping repeatedly. In this case, you will find the metal of the battery cable is not fixed with the battery, so install it, or you may find the minerals of the crystal stone need simple welding to return the work of the remote control efficiently.

4- Dirty buttons

If you find that some of the remote control buttons are working easily and others are not working, this indicates that the buttons are dirty. In this case, they must be removed, cleaned well, and installed again.

5- Button damage

With too much or poor use the buttons may be damaged, in this case take them off and replace them with new ones.

6- The remote control was exposed to water

In this case, the remote control must be disassembled, the skin and buttons removed, and dried with a small toothbrush well. Then, dry the structure in the open air for a minimum of 7 hours, and then assemble the parts for the remote control to return to its normal operation.