Brake fluid is one of the most important oils in the car, as it is the main factor in stopping the car when needed, so care must be taken to check it and supply it in case it decreases and change it when it expires, because neglecting it may lead to serious consequences and expose the car to the risk of accidents.
The German Technical Inspection Authority recommended adhering to the schedules for changing the brake fluid, and its validity ranges from two to three years at the most, as the percentage of water in the oil increases over time, which limits the effectiveness of the brakes significantly.
The authority’s experts advised the necessity of cleaning the brake system to remove the dirt stuck in it at a specialized technical center. It is also preferable from time to time to check the level of brake fluid in its reservoir located in the engine compartment, as if the oil is less than the specified mark, this indicates the presence of something wrong.
Experts also warned of the danger of leaving the brake case cover open even for a day, due to the oil’s ability to absorb water in a high degree, which loses its usability.
Experts pointed out that it is necessary to note the formation of any deposits under the oil brake canister, as these deposits represent a serious danger to the ABS system, because they may disrupt the work of electrical circuits, ducts and pressure pipes.