Tires are one of the most important safety and security factors in the car, as if they are damaged, they affect the braking process, in addition to the risk of exploding while driving.
The German Technical Inspection Authority warned of the danger of neglecting car tires, as it affects the safety of the driver and passengers.

The German authority advised the need to check tires continuously, and note the emergence of any problems, such as cracks, cuts or nails, as these things can cause significant damage to the tire.

Experts added that low tire pressure also causes many tire problems, including the tire egg, in addition to increasing fuel consumption.

To avoid these problems and risks, the Germans recommend that the tire pressures should be checked every 14 days, even if the vehicle is equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems.

Tire pressure must also be measured at an appropriate temperature in the morning, for example, so that the measurement results do not change significantly, as the difference in temperature within 10 degrees Celsius constitutes a difference in pressure by 0.1 bar.