Many theories and common beliefs spread among drivers about the methods of driving cars, one of these famous beliefs, which many drivers differ on, is the correct position of the car gear in crowds, is the car stopped on the N or D mode, and which helps to reduce fuel consumption, and relieves of pressure on the engine?

Given the importance of these questions, in the following lines we offer you the correct answer to all theories about the position of the car’s gearbox on N in traffic.

Does setting the car gear on N in crowds save fuel consumption?
Auto experts answered that while stopping in jams, setting the car’s gearbox to N will not affect the fuel consumption rate, and whether the car is on the D or the N will have the same fuel consumption rate that will not change.

Does setting the car gearbox on N in crowds relieve pressure on the engine or the gearbox?
The experts answered that it has not been proven that putting the car gear on N in crowds is beneficial to the car’s engine, or has any effect on the automatic gear parts.

Does setting the gearbox on N in crowds cause damage to the engine or the gearbox?
The experts answered that the vital parts of the car, whether the engine or the gearbox, would not be affected if the gear was placed on N in the crowd.

What is the best position to save fuel in traffic congestion?
Experts answered that the ideal way to save fuel in traffic congestion is to turn off the engine completely, and wait for the return of the traffic flow and the movement of cars to run it again, so we find most modern cars with the technology of turning off the engine when stopping in the congestion and then starting it immediately after moving.