Warming up or heating the car engine is one of the things that have raised a great deal of controversy among motorists, as many drivers believe that heating the car engine for several minutes in the morning is necessary, and there are those who see that this is not true, and has no benefit to the engine!
In fact, in the past, drivers used to warm up the car for a period of up to several minutes, especially in the winter and with older cars, in order to lubricate the engine components before starting.
But with the technical progress in the auto industry today, modern cars rely on the electronic fuel injection system, which helps to heat the car’s engine in a period of no more than 30 seconds in the winter, and for 10 seconds in hot weather.

Reducing the time to warm up the car in the morning has contributed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, in addition to reducing fuel consumption.
Auto experts believe that all the car needs to move is to complete the engine oil cycle between its parts.

According to most manuals for modern models, the time to complete a modern oil cycle is only ten seconds, and other manuals indicate that once all the lights in the dashboard are extinguished, the car is ready to go.