With the high temperatures in the summer, leather seats in cars are negatively affected, as they may be exposed to hardening, cracking and damage.
The German car magazine “Auto Zeitung” advised the need to take care of the leather seats in the car on a regular basis, especially in the summer, so as not to be severely damaged and lose their luster and luster.
The German magazine pointed out that the leather seats in new cars are sufficient to be cleaned and taken care of once a year for the first three years. As for the older seats, they need more care, as it is preferable to clean them twice a year.
She added that the rate of cleaning times increases with light-colored leather seats, as they are more susceptible to dirt, so she recommended that they be taken care of every 3 months, especially the driver’s seat.

The Germans explained the correct way to care for leather seats, through specific steps, as follows:

– Remove dirt and dust by vacuuming, making sure not to scratch the leather upholstery.
Clean the skin with a sponge and a mild detergent.
Wipe with a sponge in one direction.
It is preferable to wipe the leather again with a damp cloth after using the leather cleaner.
For the seats of convertible cabrio models, experts advise to use care products with UV protection.

Experts have warned against using household cleaners, even if they are diluted, as they may lead to cracking and damage to the skin, and recommended that seats over 3 years old should be treated with a moisturizing substance after cleaning them once or twice a year.