Many motorists suffer from the spread of the smell of mold in their car after the winter season and the start of the air conditioner, without knowing the reason for the spread of this smell.
The spread of the smell of mold in the car is due to several reasons, including not turning on the car air conditioner during the winter while neglecting its maintenance, which helps the multiplication of bacteria in the air conditioner parts, in addition to the high humidity.
During the following lines, we will give you 5 important tips that you must follow to get rid of the smell of mold and get fresh air inside the car cabin.

Change the air conditioner filter
The filter works to purify the air inside the car from dust and small insects, and bacteria multiply inside, which causes the smell of mold, so it is preferable to change the air conditioner filter twice a year.

air conditioner cleaning
The air conditioner duct and vents must be cleaned, using special cleaning sprays, and the substance in it is sprayed into the air conditioner vents and components.

moisture removal
After the winter season, dirt accumulates under the car floor carpets, which leads to high humidity and the appearance of mold odor, so the car must be cleaned well, and also check to release clogged drains and check the sealing elements.

Air conditioner maintenance
The air conditioner parts must be maintained regularly, and there is no leakage in the system, while adjusting and supplying the coolant with it.

Turn on the fan at intervals
The fan must be turned on at intervals and not shut down continuously, so that the moldy air is removed to help in the entry of fresh fresh air.