The paint is one of the most factors that show the elegance and attractiveness of the car, and the paint works to preserve the car body from corrosion and rust, so it must be taken care of and preserved from damage.
The paint is exposed to damage due to several factors, including dust, sunlight, dirt and bird droppings, so today we offer you the most important tips on how to preserve the exterior paint of the car from damage.
– It is necessary to choose ideal parking places for the car, as you must avoid parking the car in narrow streets to avoid the car being subjected to friction, and it is better to be inside parking.
It is preferable to use a car cover in the absence of parking, as the cover provides the perfect protection while the car is stopped and lined up.
Not leaving the car dirty for long periods, especially when it gets dirty with bird droppings or any other stains and sediments, as these dirt and stains affect the paint and cause it damage.
– Not to polish the car frequently, as this causes the removal of fine particles of paint, which reduces the layers of paint, and over time large amounts of paint are removed, the depth of color decreases and the colors of pigments fade.
It is preferable to apply the transparent protection adhesive “Nano-ceramic”, which is a plastic adhesive material that protects the exterior car structure from erosion factors, minor frictions and scratches.