The brakes are one of the most important parts that maintain the safety and security of the passengers and the car, as they are the main part responsible for stopping the car when exposed to any emergency situation while driving, or when drivers need to stop the car.
But with the passage of time and frequent use, the brakes may be exposed to some problems and malfunctions, which exposes the car to the risk of accidents, so we offer you during the following lines a number of important tips to preserve the brakes from damage and malfunctions and extend their life, which are as follows:

Conducting periodic maintenance of the brake system on time, including checking the brake fluid, and making sure that the brake lining is not eroded or the brake disc is warped.

Do not press the brake pedal continuously and repeatedly while driving, especially when driving on hills.

It is preferable to leave enough distance between your car and the front car while driving on the roads, so that you do not have to repeatedly apply the brakes.

– You should not rush hard when approaching traffic lights or curves, so that you do not have to apply force on the brakes repeatedly.

It is preferable not to wash the car after you have walked a long distance and wait for it to cool down, because the brake disc and brake pads are hot, and exposure to water during washing while it is hot may lead to warping of the brake disc and damage to the brake pads.

Continuously updating and replacing worn-out spare parts of the brakes, in case any wear is detected due to the constant pressure and heat they are exposed to.

Not to increase the load on the car, because it will not only cause an increase in the rate of fuel consumption of the car, but will also increase the burden on the car’s brakes.