Motorists are sometimes exposed to a number of annoying problems and malfunctions while driving on the roads, one of the most dangerous of these malfunctions is the high temperature of the engine, as high engine temperature may cause damage to the engine and sometimes lead to ignition of the car, which increases the seriousness of this problem. There are no maintenance centers while traveling, so we will review here today how to reduce the engine temperature while driving without causing damage to the car.

In the event that you notice an increase in the engine temperature by the heat indicator reaching red or you notice steam from the engine, you must immediately stop on the side of the road in a safe place, turn on the warning lights, and then turn off the car engine.

When the steam from the car stops, open the hood of the car, then leave the car for 30 minutes to 40 minutes until the engine and radiator cool down. After making sure the car is completely cool, open the radiator cap slowly, because if the fluid in the radiator is hot and you open the radiator cap It will blow a large amount of water and hot compressed air into your face.

After that, supply the radiator with coolant until it is full, because it has certainly decreased due to the evaporation of water, then put the coolant in the water bladder as well, and you must check for any leaks in the cooling system, because often the drop in coolant causes the engine heat to rise The Car.

You must also make sure that the engine oil level is stable, because it is one of the main reasons that lead to an increase in the engine temperature in the event of a decrease, so measure the engine oil and if you find a noticeable drop in it, supply it to the required level, then start the car and drive it until you find a center Maintenance, with no AC and driving at medium speeds.

If you find that the engine temperature has started to rise again, the reason may be the cooling fan has stopped, in this case you must drive for short distances and then stop for a while to cool the engine and supply the coolant, then drive again, and so on, until you reach the center maintenance to fix the problem.