One of the annoying malfunctions that drivers face while driving, and has to stop to check the problem, is the high temperature of the car engine, as this problem is one of the most serious malfunctions that drivers may face, because if neglected and following this situation may lead to engine damage.

Some drivers are not knowledgeable enough to know what to do if they encounter this problem, and how to reduce the engine temperature. Experts explain that the engine cooling depends on two main things: fluids and air, and if one of the two things stops, the engine temperature increases.

So when you notice that the engine temperature indicator has started to rise, you must stop on the side of the road immediately and investigate the cause of the problem. Immediately after stopping, turn off the car, open the engine hood, and wait until it cools completely, which is about 30 minutes.

Then check the water level in the radiator and the water bladder, if you find a severe shortage, supply them with water to the specified level, then check the level of the engine oil if you find it low, do not move the car until you supply it to the required level.

Then drive the car. If you do not find that the radiator fan is not moving, make sure that the cause of the problem is from it, so move it normally, and when the indicator begins to rise again, it stops until the engine cools down and then continues until you find a specialist to repair the fan.