One of the disadvantages of fabric seats is that they quickly get dirty and stain quickly, and some drivers do not know how to clean them, so we will review how to do that.

1- Due to the accumulation of dust on the fabric seats, a vacuum cleaner should be used to clean the interior of the car and its seats from the accumulated dust.

2- Use a cloth dampened with lukewarm water and wipe it on the seats well, and detergent and soap can be used with the wet cloth to remove stains.

3- In the case of difficult stains, hot water can be used with the cloth to clean, or a towel dampened with cold water and a little powder can be used to remove a specific stain.

4- If there are greasy stains on the fabric, you can use household clothes cleaning powders, by mixing them with lukewarm water until you later rub the spot with it.