In the summer, with the temperature outside the car rising significantly, sometimes reaching 50 degrees Celsius, the car’s interior temperature is severely affected, which negatively affects the driver’s attention and concentration and raises the risk of an accident.

Therefore, the German Automobile Club ADAC warned against driving the car with such a huge increase in the temperature of the car cabin, and experts advised the need to remove hot air from the car before driving, by opening all doors, windows and sunroof for several minutes before starting the car.

German experts also advised against starting the car with the steering wheel and hot interior surfaces, as it will cause not driving comfortably and correctly, so they indicated the need to park cars in shaded places to prevent the influence of direct sunlight, or cover the windshield with an appropriate cover, and a child seat can be covered. With a light-coloured cloth.

And when you start driving the car, the windows must be opened completely, as we mentioned above, but with the car air conditioner running at the highest degree to speed up the process of getting rid of hot air inside the car, and after minutes, the windows are closed gradually, with the air conditioning degrees gradually lowering.Experts indicated that the temperature The occasion inside the cockpit should be between 22 and 25 degrees, always taking care that the ventilation holes are not directed directly at the body, in order to avoid catching colds.

The Germans stressed the need not to leave animals or children in the car during the summer, even for a short period, because of its danger to their lives.