Car owners hurry to go to car wash stations to clean them when dust and dirt appear on them, in order to maintain their luster and attractiveness, but frequent washing, especially for the car engine, causes damage to it, especially to electrical circuits.

German authority experts have warned against washing the engine frequently, because it affects electronic systems and electrical connections, such as the generator and sensors connected to the engine, that may be damaged as a result of the use of high pressure cleaners.

The German authority stressed that the car engine should not be washed with petroleum products such as gas or diesel, as it leads to damage to the rubber and electronic parts and sensors connected to the engine, causing large sums of money to be spent to replace those parts due to their importance and impact on engine performance.

And the authority’s experts advised washing the engine only in exceptional cases, “for example, when the engine is very dirty due to oil leakage.”

Experts pointed out that the engine block in cars is usually protected against rust and corrosion by the factory, so a specialized center should be assigned to washing and cleaning the engine, because the cleaning materials used can cause damage to the protection layer from rust and corrosion.

The Germans added that technicians in car wash centers spray a cold cleaner on the engine block, after which the engine is treated with preservatives to protect against rust and corrosion.