Over time, cars are exposed to some problems and malfunctions. One of these malfunctions is the appearance of the battery warning lamp in the dashboard when the car is running, which is a warning warning coming from the battery, with which the cause of the problem must be quickly examined and treated before it escalates.

So, today we are going to show you the main reasons why the battery bulb lights up in the car dashboard, which are as follows:

– The car battery is weak or damaged, in which case the driver must replace it because the engine will not work

The battery is not receiving charging due to a problem with one of its internal components

Accumulation of salts and chemicals on one of the battery fingers, which causes electrical insulation

– The electrical wires connected to the charging are subjected to a certain damage or malfunction, which leads to stopping the charging of the battery, and the lamp will appear constantly lit

– The dynamo has malfunctions or is damaged, which leads to the battery not being fully charged and draining quickly, and in turn causes the lamp to remain lit

In all cases, when the battery warning lamp lights up, you must immediately go to a service center to investigate the cause of the malfunction and repair it before it gets worse.