The transmission gives a smoother and more comfortable driving experience, especially during long hours of driving on highways or on winding roads, and gives the driver a double focus on the road only, instead of constantly worrying about shifting gears, and the automatic transmission also contributes to lower rates of vehicle failure while in motion. Despite the previous advantages, it is rumored that cars that have an “automatic transmission” consume more fuel than cars that have a manual transmission, so how true is that?
The experts of the German Automobile Club ADAC denied the common belief, stressing that cars with automatic transmission consume less fuel compared to manual ones, by reducing the number of engine revs (RPM), and the automatic transmission contains up to 9 speeds, which reduces fuel consumption, especially with the use of programs Saving fuel consumption found in modern cars.
Experts pointed out that the prevailing belief is that automatic car models are heavier than models with manual transmission, which led some to believe that they consume twice as much fuel to move them.
Also, a large category of leaders ignores shifting gears in the manual transmission when the number of engine revolutions increases, which doubles the fuel consumption.